Labelux Group - Responsive eCommerce Template

A Salesforece Commerce Cloud template designed with omnichannel luxury fashion clients in mind, currently used by VersaceJimmy Choo, Belstaff and Bally.
I was the lead digital designer on the Versace project, and was involved in the original template design as well as working with the brands' eCommerce Directors and the Labelux development team to design ongoing improvements. A few examples are below.
Creating living style guides for the brands moving onto the template
I worked with front-end developers and the brand's creative teams to put together pattern libraries to speed up the build process and to ensure consistency throughout the site.
Pattern library for accessories label Zagliani.
Product Detail Page
One of the main requirements for this page was to ensure that the full hero image is visible on all screens. Rather than stretching the image proportionally on very wide screens which meant that most of the image was lost beneath the fold, the image instead fills the viewport in a wider container.
Responsive image containers allow the hero image to fill the viewport on landscape screens without being stretched or cut off.
Adding a mini cart dropdown on the product detail page
The mini cart automatically expands when a product is added to the bag, to reinforce the message that the action has been completed successfully. This is optimised to ensure that the call to action is always visible, by showing showing up up to three products before arrows appear (desktop, tablet) and only the most recently added product (mobile). 
Desktop and mobile optimised versions of the mini cart dropdown on the Jimmy Choo site
Product Listing Pages
The product listing pages were designed to provide a clean, minimal solution to enable Versace to maximise the impact of the product imagery, and include the product name, price, quick view icon and promotional messaging.

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